Generator installation
"Installed generators include the first service at the end of one year!"

AAAA Generator Services always recommends that customers have their first annual service in the 12th, 24th and 36th months. That way, they can be sure that the generator has been thoroughly checked out each year and before its factory warranty changes or expires. When we install your generator, the first year’s maintenance is included!

We have had a lot of inquiries as to how much an installed generator should cost. While many think that an electrician is the one to call, most electricians know little about generators. This is evidenced by the amount of business we get from electricians after things don’t go as they should. Customers are also often surprised that the plumber who runs their natural gas or propane lines will often cost more than the electrician. We also get a lot of business from frustrated homeowners, many of whom have found out too late that they also needed to hire different contractors for the plumbing and structure when they could’ve used AAAA Generator Services – we can do everything because we’re licensed and experienced in all aspects of generator installation.

Residential customers need only provide a deposit of $150 for the site survey.*

That is applicable either towards the purchase of their generator and/or their installation. This is a great value because we provide more than just a quote when we perform a site survey:

  • We total all your loads, looking at each motor’s horsepower, air conditioning tonnage, heater kilowatts, etc.
  • We total everything on your natural gas/propane line to confirm proper sizing of both piping, regulator and meter.
  • We will determine the best location(s) for your generator and transfer switch and, often more importantly, will tell you where they cannot be installed.

Following, please find some minimum prices for a full basic installation including all parts and taxes (except permits, which vary). Please note that the vast majority of customers do not fall into this category. Most end up incurring extra costs for various reasons. Because of this, we will survey your site and sign a written contract for an exact bid amount before any money changes hands.
Below price estimates include all of the following:

  • Pouring a concrete pad
  • Generator (installed)
  • Transfer switch (installed)
  • Natural gas piping – price includes a run of up to 20′ with no obstructions
  • Conduit/wiring – price includes a run of up to 20′ with no obstructions
  • Battery (installed)
  • Start-up by a factory-trained sales and service dealer
  • Service before the end of the first year by a factory-trained sales and service dealer

Basic installed prices for the following generators (includes generator, tax, first year’s maintenance, etc):

  • $6,630.00 – 7-8kW air-cooled standby generator
  • $7,890.00 – 10-11kW air-cooled standby generator
  • $8,610.00– 14-17kW air-cooled standby generator
  • $10,275.00– 20-22kW air-cooled standby generator

Again, we cannot stress enough that these are the minimum for a complete installation. Things that commonly increase the price:

  • Trenching for either the gas or the electrical
  • Aluminum or custom generator enclosures
  • Remote mounting of generator or transfer switch
  • Custom wiring, outdoor transfer switch installation, etc.

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