Every customer in our database has an assigned priority level based on the recommendation of the person inputting the information. While the details are proprietary, we can reveal that we do somewhat we believe is somewhat unique: We set the highest priority for generators powering life-safety applications. So when we’re managing our appointments, the generators used for immediate life-safety systems (fire pumps, medical equipment, etc.) get special preference. This gives inherent priority to these systems so that, all other things being equal, these will get first priority. It should be noted that we do not put a price on this level of priority nor otherwise offer it for sale – your system either has it or it doesn’t. This should really come as no surprise to those who know us and how hard we strive for high ethics.

The next levels of priority are reserved for those in contract with us (Gold, Silver, Bronze), because we value our commitment to fulfilling our obligations.

When you’re calling us, please remember that the person that answers the phone here may not remember to ask you if your situation is critical. If you’re requesting anything other than a standard appointment, please speak up and let us know early and often. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, after all. 🙂