"Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; an outsider, and not your own lips." -Proverbs 27:2

Following reviews are from Yelp.com

I have a generator at my home that recently has had starting problems, I have called AAAA Generators twice for service over the past year. Michael, the owner, is very responsive, answers his phone 24/7, comes out on time (how unusual these days!) and gets the job done right! Michael and his crew are very knowledgeable and respectful. They take the time to discuss the issues with you and explain them in layman’s terms. This is the company that I will call whenever I have generator problems!!

I had an awesome experience with these guys last year, and was looking them up now for repeat biz. I can’t believe there is only one review and it’s only one star. I know there’s more than one person working here, but if you get Michael, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I had a busted generator, and no time to mess around trying to fix it. Michael came out and had the thing running in 20 minutes. The man knows his sh*t. Obviously, having experience with generators, he knew the right things to check, diagnosed the problem, and fixed it on try one. 5 stars for this service.

AAAA Generators and Michael were great. I was having trouble finding a generator and needed one as our power is very unreliable. They found one and delivered it in only a week. We live all the way in Felton! They were prompt, knowledgeable and great to work with. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a new generator or to repair an old one.

Following is a letter of recommendation from a doctor in Atherton, CA.

A little background first: The owner had his first generator, a Coleman 10000, installed several years ago by a generator technician from a local company. This generator, though a solid performer, was installed without adequate ventilation and was underpowered for the owner’s needs. The technician who installed it moved out of state in 2005, so the owner spoke with a different technician from the same company, who convinced the owner to upgrade to a higher capacity generator as well as upgrade the ventilation. When this generator routinely failed to start and would not even provide the power of his old generator, the owner called the generator company for help repeatedly. That company then sent out different technicians a few times to make adjustments, some of which made things worse to the point that the generator wouldn’t start at all. Eventually, the generator company stopped responding to the owner’s calls. Then the owner called AAAA Generator Services.

Looking over the installation, I could see several problems. It turned out that the new, “upgraded” generator was actually a weaker, smaller, lighter and louder (non-enclosed) Yamaha portable 12000 generator (this gets somewhat technical, so some may want to skip to the next paragraph). After putting aside the model numbers and focusing on their actual output, a little research showed that the owner’s first and second generators were both rated at about 8kW continuous power on natural gas. But because the Yamaha had had its natural gas conversion kit poorly installed, it was only capable of about 7-7.5kW, so it was actually less powerful than the owner’s first generator! Not only that, but the higher sound levels produced by the enclosure-less Yamaha were in violation of the local sound ordinance, so it couldn’t be legally run anyway. Also, the ventilation that had been installed was rated at 300cfm, while the Yamaha required about 800cfm, so there was still quite a heat issue. Nobody likes to be the bearer of bad news – my hands were shaking as I delivered the bad news to the owner who had already been through so much. But he took it in stride and simply asked me to fix it.
No one that the owner had hired previously had either a contractor’s license nor bond but now he would see what a difference it makes when you hire licensed professionals. We removed his existing, woefully underpowered generator and what he called “ugly” ventilation. We then installed a generator with over twice the capacity of his old one, which ran at roughly 75-80% when under full load (ideal). We also used custom ventilation that allowed us to increase ventilation without damage to the building’s aesthetics (in fact, we restored his roof where the old, underpowered ventilation had protruded). The new ventilation actually far surpassed the requirements of the new generator so there was no longer any heat issue. The owner later even went around his property with a decibel meter and confirmed that he was no longer in violation of the local sound ordinance. We also did some additional custom lighting work at the customer’s request. At the end of it all, he wrote me a very nice letter which has special meaning to me.

The following letter is from one of our very satisfied rental customers.

August 23, 2011

I have had the privilege to meet Michael over the phone. Since our first introduction about 6 years ago, Michael has been diligent and specific to meet our needs for the capacity of energy we needed for this particular event. Michael and his staff at AAAA Generator Services have returned my calls and e-mails promptly as well as being very flexible with changes after changes throughout the weeks. Michael has been very patient even with my last minute changes without responding with any grief. His determination was focused solely on what we needed and the time that we needed it.

On the actual day of the event Michael was there earlier than I had asked him to be there which was comforting and placed it exactly where we wanted it. He not only set it up for us but also gave me the quick rundown of how the generator functions and things to look out for. He tested each pigtail connectors as well as the powerbox through his meter to make sure that each adaptor had current and did not leave until he was satisfied that they all worked.

The following day Michael was once again on time and did not need our help to load himself up and haul his equipment away. We ended it with a good shake of hands for a job well done and a new resource for generators and other equipment that AAAA Generator Services has to offer.

I truly recommend AAAA Generator Services for his faithfulness to our cause and especially to Michael and his team for going the extra mile for us. Michael had made it easier for me to focus on all other matters in our event.


Reverend Ernesto Sanchez

Victory Outreach Salinas, California

The following emails are from our very satisfied customers.

Thank you so much for your help.
And while I have your ear … As a person who ran a business for many years, I always appreciated hearing feedback about my employees. Please know that Dorian did an excellent job. He was on time, clearly capable and willing to walk me through things. And he was efficient.. working quickly and carefully and cleaning up thoroughly.
The experience with Dorian certainly cemented my sense that I made the right move switching to AAAA.

Thanks again,

Thanks Michael, we really appreciate you helping us out at the last minute. I am glad you had availability on Saturday, because the power went out on Monday. Fortunately, the generator kicked on as it was supposed to.


Thanks again, Ron. I really appreciate your responsiveness and honesty. That sort of thing goes a long way with me. 🙂

Thanks so much for your excellent service and “can do” attitude. Very refreshing !!

The performance of your team was impressive — if I can vouch for your performance in any instance let me know!

I’m pleased to have made your acquaintance — You’ll be the first I call when I have a problem with the generator.

PG&E was off yesterday for 6-8 hours at our house, but generator kept us comfortable.

We appreciate the luxury… And the neighbors were calling us for help and power!!

AAAA Generator Services did a thorough quality job, all the way from the quote through completion. They addressed the details, handled challenges as they arose, and were great to work with. It’s a pleasure to find a company that takes pride in its work.

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